Mosaic Climbing is Cincinnati’s newest rock wall and bouldering facility. But it’s also more than that.

Opened on March 15, 2019, the 20,000 square foot facility goes beyond what you’d expect from a climbing gym. Here you’ll also find a yoga studio, group fitness room (with all the traditional amenities), event rooms for parties, and even co-working spaces. That’s right. Whether you need a quiet work/study room or a communal space, Mosaic Climbing has what you need, all in a modern space filled with natural light.

Looking mostly for the climbing experience? Don’t worry—they have you covered there, too. The Bouldering Room features climbing walls up to 15 feet high reaching out over a thick pad. No ropes needed for bouldering—simply fall or jump off the wall when you’re ready.

I spent the morning walking around with Lindsey Zinno, Director of Customer Experience at Mosaic Climbing (and amazing climber herself, naturally), and it was in the Bouldering Room that she pulled out her phone. Another climbing wall at the far edge of the room lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s a MoonBoard controlled by a simple smartphone app. With the touch of a screen, you can climb any number of suggested patterns, all mapped out for you.

The Ropes Room is a 55 foot beauty of a space featuring several roped paths, including 8 auto belays (so you can climb with a friend or by yourself). The Yoga Studio is clean and minimalist, and yes—the yoga mats do match the industrial-style air ducts. Literally every detail is accounted for here.

I particularly like how integrated the kid-friendly aspects are here. For example, the kid routes in the Bouldering Room are still in the same space as the other color-coded options for adults. That way, your littles don’t feel isolated and there’s something for everyone in the family all together. The same thing goes for the event rooms for parties— whether you need a place to blow out birthday candles with a bunch of friends from school or a large space to hold a meeting, Mosaic Climbing has been built to accommodate both and everything in between.

Curious? Take a look, check out their climbing programs and memberships, and give it a try.

Mosaic Climbing is located at 9501 Union Cemetery Rd, Loveland, Ohio 45140. For current hours, upcoming events, and other info, check them out at